Roof Tile Repair Video

Here’s a good video on how to repair/replace a single roof tile. Removal, finding a close match and replacement are covered. Be sure to take all neccessary safety precautions if trying this yourself. Thanks.

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Steel Roofing For Your Home

The question whether one must or must not get steel roofing in their home comes up whether it’s for a brand new house or one that needs to undergo renovation or remodeling. You may consult with us, or you can also do your own research on what are the pros and cons of having a roof made of metal. Any roofing contractor will tell you that getting steel or metal for your roof is costly as compared to tiles, asphalt or wood but there are also lots of benefits when making this decision. Check out this guide below.

Advantages of Having Steel Roofing in Your Home

1. First and foremost, steel roofing is expected to last for a longer period of time. If installed properly, you can expect this type of roof to remain intact and functional as long as your house itself. As a matter of fact, a roofing contractor will typically give you 20 to 50 years warranty for this type of roof because it is expected to last for decades, after all. In some cases, even paint finishes will be given 30 years’ warranty.

2. Steel roofing is easier to install even with an existing structure, which makes it the best choice in house remodeling or renovation. A roofing contractor Lubbock can tell you that this is also faster to install. If you have an existing roof, you don’t have to remove that anymore for a metal roof to be installed. Since it is also lighter than most roof types, engineering and support for the structure will be less costly as well.

3. Metal is generally fire-resistant and also effectively resists mildew, rot and insects. Rust is easier and cheaper to deal with than damage caused by insects or fire. Your roofing contractor can either give you instructions on how to properly maintain your steel roofing or you can also request for services if you cannot do it on your own. This way, you can make sure that rust or even dents can easily be fixed if needed.

Disadvantages of Steel Roofing

Despite its numerous advantages, steel roofing is not perfect as there are some cons as well in choosing this type of roofing. First and foremost, as discussed above, it is more expensive than other roof types. It can also produce a lot of noise, especially during a hail or rainstorm. However, you can ask your roofing contractor to install structural barriers that they can recommend to minimize the noise in these situations. Regular maintenance and cleaning is also recommended however that may be easy as you can easily hose off dirt and dust on your roof.

For your steel roofing needs, contact us for assistance and quotation.

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How To Shingle Your Shed Roof

This shed roof project is a relatively easy task for the average handyman. Just be sure to use proper safety equipment and a good ladder. If you’d rather have someone install your shed roof in the Lubbock area, please give us a call.

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Flat Roof Repair – Underwater

This video shows a method of flat roof repair using rubberized flashing cement. It provides step by step instructions as well as product and roofing information for this particular product line. For any flat roof repair in the Lubbock arerea give us a call for a free quote.

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Commercial Roofing Lubbock

In addition to residential roofing, we also provide commercial roofing in the Lubbock area.

Commercial roofing services include but are not limited to:



  • Metal Retrofit
  • Coatings
  • New Construction
  • Commercial Roof Repair
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Waterproofing
  • Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Preventative
  • Repairs
  • Tile Roofs
  • Re-roofing

Contact us today for answers to your Lubbock commercial roofing questions.

commercial roofing bitumen


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How To Choose A Roofing Contractor

Your home’s roof protects all the valuable items stored within from the elements, ensuring that it is kept in the best condition at all times is essential. Even the best and strongest roofs will need some maintenance at one time or another after the elements have had their toll. To keep your roof in the best condition, you will need the help of a reliable and qualified roofing contractor. It can be quite challenging to find a reliable roofing contractor given the numerous cases of home owners who have been taken for a ride before. Below we will look at some useful tips to help you choose a roofing contractor Lubbock.

To help you make the best decision, it is recommended that you begin with choosing three reliable roofing contractors. These should be selected with the help of friends and family, who have dealt with them in the past. By taking advice from close friends and family, you will be able to rely on tried and tested roofing contractors Lubbock. You can also scan local listings for contractors who have positive reviews from local residents. This makes it easy to ascertain the truth in the reviews.

Next up, you will need to get some useful information from the selected roofing contractors to help you make up your mind on the best one among them. You can ask each contractor to take a look at the work needed and then give you a quote. They can even suggest some of the ways to get the job done so that you get a clear view of what is involved. Note that the best roofing contractor Lubbock is not the one with the lowest quote. Take the time to go through the quote and figure out some of the items included; these will give you an idea of what you are paying for.

Insurance is one of the most important inclusions of the quote offered above. Roofing contractors face a variety of dangers while working, to ensure that you do not have to cover extra damage costs, or any injuries sustained by workers on your property ask for their liability and workman’s insurance. A reliable roofing contractor will have no problem sharing this information with you and will even want you to verify it independently.

Choosing a reliable roofing contractor Lubbock is a daunting task. However, the list of factors highlighted above will help you have an idea of what to look out for. As a rule of thumb, look for local roofing contractors as it will be easier to verify the quality of their work from references. Remember to ask about the guarantee offered by roofing contractors on their work.

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Selecting A Roofing Contractor

Here are some good tips on choosing a roofing contractor. The emphasis is on taking your time in choosing the right contractor as well as the best solution to your roofing problem. A temporary repair may be best rather than being rushed into a job too quickly.

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Flat Roof Materials Guide Video

Here’s a good video on choosing flat roofing materials. Contact us if you have any questions on flat roofing.

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Tips and Tricks

Here’s a great video by Bob Vila showing how to shingle your own roof. If you take care and use proper tools and safety equipment this should be a manageable job depending on the size and roof pitch of your home.

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New Website

Welcome to our new website. We’ll be discussing various roofing problems and how to solve them. Residential, commercial, flat, steep slope and more. The best of roofing options for Lubbock. Please visit again April 10 to see more of the new site. Thanks!

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